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Tech For Safer Holiday Travel

by Kurt Knutsson

The holiday season is just around the corner – and so are the people who are looking to take advantage of your time away from home.

I’ve run into a few tech products, though, that have proven to be great finds for when you choose to skip town.

FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe by AquaVault $79.95 

Use Promo Code “FOX” for 20% OFF at www.theaquavault.com

Do you know how easy hotel and airbnb safes can be accessed?  The answer is traveling with a  FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe and securing it along with my valuables to the closet bar.

Where do you put your valuables when you are traveling? No more getting robbed at the pool, beach, water park or on a cruise…the FlexSafe is a patented Slash Resistant portable safe that became famous for the way it locks on to your lounge chair so you secure your valuables while going for a swim.

Now travelers are using the FlexSafe in hotel rooms and AirBnb rentals by latching it to the closet rod. It’s becoming a great alternative to the built-in room safes that can easily be accessed.
FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe by AquaVault ( as seen on Shark Tank) Use Promo Code “FOX” on their website. www.theaquavault.com Use Promo Code “FOX” for 20% off regular price $79.95

WYZE CAM $19.99

It’s one of the least-expensive web cams you can use (between $20 and $30). They’re easy to set up around the house and provide a live look at your entryways to ensure things are locked up tight and no intruders are sneaking around.

Wyze Cam is the most affordable way to watch over your home or hobby. Use Wyze Cam to see your children in real-time with live streaming while you’re away at work, or use motion recording to capture every bird that has lunch at your bird feeder. Thanks to its quality and affordability, Wyze Cam can be used for nearly any purpose, big or small.  Wyze Cam $19.99 

WD My Passport Go

I’m not a big fan of storing your data on somebody else’s cloud. But you can secure your entire family’s data on one drive. Now available in 5TB and new stylish design, the My Passport drive from WD fits in the palm of your hand. You can easily import photos, videos, documents and more on this hard drive. With password protection and hardware encryption you can even import content from your social media and cloud accounts onto it. Available in 5TB, 4TB, 2TB and 1TB starting at $59.99. 

Add-A-Lock Traveling Door Lock $17.95

You go into an Airbnb or a hotel, you can put this device over the lock while you’re inside to feel more secure (since there’s likely to be more than one key to the place). It slips into an existing door lock, and works on almost every standard door. Available on Amazon

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