Top 11 emergency car essentials

Top 11 emergency car essentials

Always be prepared for just in case

by Kurt Knutsson

What would you do if your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? Would you be prepared?

You never know when something might go wrong on the road. That’s why it’s wise to have some essential items in your car that can help us in case of an emergency.

Whether it’s in the trunk, the back seat, or the glove compartment, these 10 items are good to have handy for your next drive.


1. Lighting EVER Flashlight 


Credit: Lighting EVER

A flashlight is great to have in any emergency. If you don’t have a physical flashlight, then you can always use the one on your smartphone.  Although, it’s better to have a physical one on you so that you don’t drain your phone’s battery.

The Lighting EVER flashlight is portable and can fit in your glove compartment. It is equipped with LED, and the beam distance of the flashlight is up to 492 feet. It’s also water-resistant and is made from military-grade aluminum, so it can resist rust and corrosion.

It’s powered by triple-A batteries, so it’s a good idea to keep extra batteries with the flashlight as well. At the time of publishing, this product had over 31,000 global reviews, with 76% giving it 5 stars.

Get Lighting EVER Flashlight 



2. First aid kit


Credit: Care Science

Having a first aid kit is always a good idea, especially when you’re traveling by car. This one by Care Science comes with 100 pieces.

It includes medicine, antiseptics, bandages, injury treatments, and a comprehensive first-aid guide.

It’s equipped with treatments for cuts, scrapes, bruises, minor aches, and pains, which is great for minor injuries if you are to get into an accident and are awaiting medical assistance. At the time of publishing, this product had over 1,600 global reviews, with 77% giving it 5 stars.

Get Care Science First Aid Kit 



3. First Aid Trauma Pack with QuikClot



If you want to be even more prepared, ask any EMT what the most useful trauma item that could save your life on the road and many will tell you it’s QuikClot. Be ready with this Trauma Pack with essentials in your glove box to stop major bleeding on site quickly. At the time of publishing, this product had over 750+ global reviews, with 77% giving it 5 stars.

Get QuikClot



4. Portable charger


Credit: Anker

Many cars come with outlets where you can plug your phone in. However, in case you don’t have one or it’s not working, it’s a good idea to have a portable charger with you.

The Anker portable charger provides fast charging, and it’s easy to carry around with you.  It also includes a MultiProtect safety system that gives overcharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control, and more. At the time of publishing, this product had over 92,000 global reviews, with 75% giving it 5 stars.

Get Anker portable charger



5. Car plug for charging other devices


Credit: FOVAL

Maybe you want to charge all your devices while driving other than just your phone. You’re in luck because the FOVAL car power inverter plugs into your car port and has outlets for you to charge phones, laptops, or tablets.

It’s a compact size weighing only 1 pound, so it won’t have to take up too much space in your car. It gives many layers of protection, including short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection, and built-in fuse. At the time of publishing, the product had over 900 global reviews, with 75% giving it 5 stars.

Get FOVAL car power inverter 



6. Jumper cables


Credit: Energizer

You can’t control your car breaking down. Yet, you can always be prepared for the situation with jumper cables. These Energizer jumper cables stretch 12 feet in length and include s strong spring and comfortable handle for secure placement and easy positioning.

The jumper cables work with trucks, SUVs, full-size cars, mid-size cars, and small cars to jumpstart dead or weak batteries. At the time of publishing, this product had over 22,000 global reviews, with 82% giving it 5 stars.

Get Energizer jumper cables 



7. Reflective triangles



If you ever get into roadside trouble, having reflective triangles on you is a great way to alert other drivers on the road. These CARTMAN road triangles are approved by the DOT and have a reflective panel with a fluorescent plate so that other drivers can see them at night.

They also have a rotatable and sand-filling base to withstand strong winds and continuous gusts from passing cars. At the publishing, this product had over 5,700 global reviews on Amazon, with 84% giving it 5 stars.

Get CARTMAN road triangles 



8. Road flares


Credit: Tobfit

Another great item to have on hand in case of a roadside emergency is road flares. The Tobfit road flares are made with super tough ABS+PC plastic, which is pressure-resistant and drop-resistant.

They’re equipped with 12 energy-saving, high-power, high-brightness LED flash beads, which give a strong visual impact to those driving by. The kit also comes with multi-root 2-in-1 charging cables so that you can charge the lights at the same time that you’re using them. At the time of publishing, this product had over 5,600 global reviews, with 76% giving it 5 stars.

Get Tobfit road flares 



9. Deer Whistle



If you live in a more rural area or just any area where there are woods around, then you know the fear of accidentally hitting a deer with your car on the road at night. However, this can be avoided if you have a deer whistle.

The company SEVEN SPARTA will give you two pairs of deer whistles that are highly rated. They can emit ultrasonic automatically at any time of day at speeds above 35 MPH and will warn deer up to 1/4 mile away.

They have adhesive tape on them so they can stay in place, and you just have to stick them to your bumper or grille. At the time of publishing, this product had over 3,100 global reviews, with 68% giving it 5 stars.

Get SEVEN SPARTA Deer whistle 



10. LEATHERMAN skeletool



The LEATHERMAN skeletool gives you 7 tools in 1. It’s made with stainless steel that won’t rust and weighs just 5 ounces. It includes emergency pliers, a sharp blade for cutting, wire cutters, a large bit driver, a removable pocket clip, and a bottle opener.

It only requires one hand to open and use all the tools, even the ones that aren’t accessible from the outside. At the time of publishing, this product had over 3,000 global reviews, with 85% giving it 5 stars.

Get LEATHERMAN Skeletool 



11. No-Spill gas can


Credit: No-Spill

Anyone can run out of gas at the most inconvenient times. If you’re on a road trip and you can’t get to a gas station before your car runs out, it’s best to have a No-Spill gas can in your car so that you can at least walk to a station if there’s one nearby and fill up the can yourself.

This can holds 5 gallons of gas and has push button control and auto-flow stop. It comes with an extra handle in the back for heavy lifting and has a super stable design. At the time of publishing, this product had over 9,100 global reviews, with 80% giving it 5 stars.

Get No-spill gas can



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Kurt key takeaways

Ultimately, it’s important for us to be prepared for any emergency, especially if something happens when we’re driving. We can’t control when things go wrong on the road. However, having these items in your car is guaranteed to make any emergency experience much less stressful for you.

Are there any products that you feel we’ve missed? Let us know by commenting below.


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