Grilling Gear for the Perfect Outdoor BBQ

Grilling Gear for the Perfect Outdoor BBQ

by Kurt Knutsson

Memorial Day kicks off my love of hitting the outside world and lighting up the BBQ. This year, some new affordable additions are making it the best BBQ yet.

What Meat Shortage?!  Best Online Sources for Meat, Poultry and Seafood  is like an online version of an old-fashioned butcher shop. Subscription boxes each month or build your own ala carte box for a one time order from this Denver steak pro. – Monthly meat subscription.  I’ve got foodie friends who swear by ButcherBox and when my waitlist cleared, I could build a box of meat and poultry but no seafood. Stock up on this affordable combo of antibiotic-free chicken beef, sausage and shrimp.  The salmon and cod are spectacular seafood picks.


MEATER+ Wireless Leave-in Thermometer $99

The world’s first truly wireless leave-in thermometer keeps getting better.  Now this best seller has a boosted range of 165 feet and tells you the perfect time to finish your cook.  The patented stainless thermometer has two sensor probes that measure the internal temp up to 212°  degrees and external temp up to 527°.  This calculates the perfect cook and rest times so every meal comes out perfectly prepared.  The companion app that works on both iOS and Android gives recommendations for meat prep and tracks finish and resting time.  Get it here.

Polar Bear 5-Day Hard Coolers $129.95

20, 45 and 70 quart sizes start at 129.95.  The company made famous for Polar Bear soft coolers has done it again with the amazing hard insulation sensation that keeps ice cold for 5 days!  I’m so impressed with the smart design and great quality Polar Bear puts into these rugged and durable hard coolers. This will be your favorite cooler you will hang onto for life.  The three sizes also come in 3 colors: Desert, Seafoam and White.  Get them here.


Grill Armor Gloves Can Take the Heat $29.95

Extreme heat resistant to 932°.  I started using cooking gloves for the grill to keep me from an accidental trip to the emergency department.   Won’t catch fire from the high-tech kevlar fabric that goes into this perfect glove for grilling and cooking.  I get ’em good and filthy when cooking and just throw them into the wash.  Machine washable in multiple colors.  I don’t grill without them. Get them here.

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