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Why Online Vacation Rentals Are Surging

by Kurt Knutsson

Leave the resort behind. That’s what is on the mind of people booking upscale vacation rental homes that include lots of private space and are loaded with top end amenities like their own pool, gym and tennis court.

The vacation rental market didn’t just do a turnaround on May 18th according to data analytics from AirDNA, but it marked a surge in vacation rentals to 127% up.

The more research I did look into what is driving the bookings the more clear the reasoning became. People want a vacation and are shifting to a new way of thinking about how they will get away. Many first-time vacation rental home bookings are being reported from guests who otherwise would be staying at hotels and resorts. The ability to get resort-type amenities in a private exclusive home is a huge driver. Further, many resorts allow people to book directly through their websites and enjoy other advantages beyond just booking the rooms like planning day trips. Some resorts also have apartment-style rooms that can be perfect for family gateway. For instance, when searching for accommodation warrnambool, resorts such as Lady Bay Resort might offer people the options to book a luxury apartment-style room where families could enjoy their trip to the fullest altogether.

Vacation Rental trends

  • Booking surge dates are from now until holiday season
  • Biggest demand is for vacation locations close to home
  • Cleanliness is top of customer interest
  • Private space rather than shared resort experience
  • Look for money-back guarantee

Short-term rentals on platforms like AirBNB and VRBO reached rock bottom on April 5th and now are returning to pre-pandemic levels and in some cases experiencing higher demand.

Other areas such as Hawaii which remain closed to short-term vacation rentals are seeing future bookings in anticipation that the governor will release the 14-day mandatory stay-at-home quarantine order for all who arrive to the island chain. Phil Jones, owner of Pure Kauai says that Kauai is likely to see strong demand since his portfolio of homes are exclusive, private and often have resort amenities such as their own pool and gym. Additionally, Kauai reported 21 cases of Covid-19, but they all resolved over 2 months ago and for the past 60 days, Kauai has zero current cases. When all of Hawaii reopens, there will be no end of vacation bookings for the different beautiful and scenic areas, with websites such as www.kaikanani.com/ being used to book private charters to sail throughout.

Another spot closed to flights but likely to reopen soon is Mexico. Beautiful beachside resort towns off the beaten path with upscale vacation rentals include Holbox and Casa Punta Coco where you can rent the entire resort.

The cities getting the most traction of short-term rentals first are those states within driving distance of a beach and which reopened earlier than others including Florida. Florida’s Gulf Coast is also seeing a surge in bookings. We found a number of beachfront condos and townhouses at Florida Lifestyle Vacation Rentals with the clever web address of OurCondo.com.

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