Google Maps App Redesign a Winner for Foodies

Google Maps App Redesign a Winner for Foodies

by Kurt Knutsson

Put your hands together to applaud the new Google Maps app especially on an empty stomach. You’re going to start seeing a refreshed look and feel with Google Maps app starting this week. On its 15th birthday, Google Maps is adding three new features that I already have fallen in love with while using its overhauled and refreshed app on both Android and iOS phones. Aside from improvements in navigation, commuting guidance, here’s what’s to love.

These 3 New Google Maps improvements make it better

#1 “Saved”

You can now easily save places around you to remember. Add your favorite restaurants, bars, coffee spots and landmarks that you bookmark. Returning to parts of a city shows spots you already marked as destinations you like.

#2 “Contribute”

Google figured out a perfect destination for our obsession in taking food photos of a meal while dining out. You now can add your personal reviews directly from Google Maps app that are shared with others.

#3 “Updates”

Here’s where you find the hot spots. Curated destinations around you from foodie sources such at The Infactuation show trending restaurants, experts who recommend landmarks and more.

Why Google Maps Won’t Fail Foodies Anymore

My biggest complaint in the past was too much useless info on the maps. With these brilliant enhancements, I look forward to finding restaurants nearby that I actually want to visit instead of an overwhelming laundry list of irrelevant eateries. Moreover, with additions like interactive content, users now have control over the available information and can make the necessary changes. This is an impressive evolution from what seems to be a smarter-focused Google Maps team.

“Will my ride be crowded?”, Google knows

Google Maps on both Android and iOS apps will update even more in March adding features such as how crowded a subway or bus will be before you board. Google Maps likely will not have the capability to show the best subway tip New Yorkers already know: Never get into an empty subway car surrounded by other crowded cars. Yup, something nasty is in there surrounded by all that empty space.

“Live View” let’s you point your phone down the street to see an overlay of helpful info

Another Google Maps feature will capitalize on the growing adaptation of augmented reality with “Live View” which overlays content such as digital guides into your surroundings.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Their biggest platform competitor Apple Maps app just went through its own overhaul showing much more extraordinary detail. I find myself toggling between both of them when trying to discover a nearby spot especially in an unfamiliar neighborhood while Waze still wins as best car navigation app. Google Maps just won a little more of my attention with its new makeover.


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