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New Privacy Tool on Facebook Shows How You Are Being Watched Online

by Kurt Knutsson

Promised by Mark Zuckerberg nearly a year and a half ago, a powerful privacy tool on FaceBook is finally here. Called the “Off-Facebook Activity” tool. it allows you to see what third parties are seeing of your data and remove those you don’t want to share with anymore.

Keep in mind an important disadvantage that Facebook has failed to share is your ability to control what Facebook already has on on you. Your “Off-Facebook Activity” will not be deleted from Facebook data harvesting servers. It turns the information into aggregated data and you really are not given a choice as to how to control the personal data Facebook has harvested to you.

Run, don’t walk online to the “Off-Facebook Activity” tool.


How to Use Off-Facebook Activity privacy tool

Go to Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity

After careful review, decide how you want to make changes by clicking “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity” on the right side of the page.

What You Can Do

Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity
View activity shared with us by the businesses and organizations you visit off of Facebook.

Clear History
Disconnect off-Facebook activity history from your account.

Access Your Information
View your information by category

Download Your Information
Download details of your off-Facebook activity

Manage Future Activity
Choose whether your off-Facebook activity is saved with your account

You may as well take this opportune moment to “clear history”.

More ways to take back your privacy:

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