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4 Apps that will make you feel better about yourself

Best apps for giving, volunteering and feeding the hungry

by Kurt Knutsson

You can change the world by downloading any one of these 4 winning apps we’ve tested to give some kindness to others.  What’s most impressive is that each of these apps allow you to impact the world and someone’s life directly.   One of these powerful apps even led to the non-profit winning the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate!

Charity apps like these let you easily raise money for the charity of your choice, donate very little to feed a lot of hungry people, volunteer your time from home and volunteer in your community like this first one geared toward rescuing food for those in need.

Best apps for giving, volunteering and feeding the hungry

Food Rescue US app

Food Rescue US App

The Food Rescue US web app helps connect fresh unusable food with hunger relief organizations who serve America’s food insecure population.

Whether you’re a food donor, a volunteer food rescuer, or a receiving agency, the future of the food rescue moments fits into the palm of your hand.  So far, Food Rescue US has provided 83 million meals that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Next time you are out to eat at your favorite restaurant ask them to look at the Food Rescue US web app to encourage donating unused fresh food. If you want to volunteer to be a food rescuer who picks up and delivers food to the hungry, Food Rescue US operates from 40 locations throughout the USA.



Be My Eyes app

Be My Eyes App connects you the volunteer with people with impaired vision who needs help reading or identifying something like an expiration date on food.

They point their camera and you interpret from them over the phone.    For example, you could help someone simply know what color a shirt is that they are thinking of wearing.

It’s an amazing way to volunteer and make an immediate impact no matter how much time you want to spend helping others.  Download Be My Eyes app to get started Android  |  iOS.



ShareTheMeal app

Simple and smart way to help solve global hunger.  Download the ShareTheMeal app on iOS | Android and with one tap, you can feed a child from your phone.

ShareTheMeal directly funds the United Nations World Food Programme and to date has fed 129 million meals.  They have figured out a way to provide nourishment to a child for a full day very efficiently. ShareTheMeal continues to win awards for its effectiveness and innovation.

It was honored in 2020 with the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for its work on the frontlines fighting hunger.  Download the ShareTheMeal app on iOS | Android here.



Charity Miles app

Now there is more motivation for exercise and fitness. When you download CharityMiles app, it rewards a charity of your choice for every mile you walk, run or ride.  Corporate sponsors foot the bill for the donation.

You turn your walk, run or bike miles into dollars donated to world class non-profits like Habitat for Humanity.

Through Charity Miles, you can create your own Pledge Page where your friends can sponsor you… even if you’re not doing a marathon or race.

So far, 100,000,000 miles moved have raised $3M donated.  Charity Miles app iOS  | Android


I know no other apps that make it this easy to give in a way that’ll make your heart sing for having made the world better.

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