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Seafood app delivers fresh fish-to-table within hours not days

by Kurt Knutsson

The fish are biting onboard Captain Don Jones Sportfishing 39 foot Hatteras fishing boat Happy Ryder.

He and his popular charter boat off the coast of Kauai are hooking tuna, ono, mahi mahi, ahi, yellowfin and marlin.

The only way aside from getting the freshest catch at the dock would be to sign up for one of his deep sea fishing charters. Hawaiian charter boats typically offset the higher operating cost in paradise, by selling a portion of the charter catch to local seafood mongers and restaurants.

Captain Don’s Fishing on the island of Kaua’i

Fresh Fish to Table app cuts out middleman

A new fresh fish to table app aims to disrupt the seafood retail space connecting a fresh catch by a private fisherman to seafood lovers looking for the freshest seafood.

ReelFresh app launched on both Android and iOS allows a fresh catch to be listed online near seafood lovers who have registered to be notified. Once a fresh catch is listed near the same zip code, you can place an order via the app directly with the fisherman.

The developers behind ReelFresh app say customers can expect to save an average of 50 to 60% and fishermen earn up to 30% more by selling direct to retail customers.

ReelFresh app, the brainchild of two University of Hawaii graduates, takes a small percentage of each sale similar to other on-demand apps.

Your zip code matched to just caught fish

A hundred anglers are now using the ReelFresh app to offer fresh seafood direct to customers in all zip codes throughout the Hawaiian island chain with hopes to expand to other markets beyond the islands.

You can still sign-up for free to enter your zip code to be notified when anglers in your area start offering boat-to-table fresh fish.

Until it comes to your zip code, Hawaii is back open for USA mainland visitors without quarantine with evidence of a vaccine or Covid-19 negative test. After a year-long pause in business, Captain Don says his charter outfit is already fully booked through the end of next month.


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