If you use Facebook, watch out for this developing attack

If you use Facebook, watch out for this developing attack

by Kurt Knutsson

First detected in India, an online attack is underway that sends a fake copyright violation notice to Facebook users.

It’s not clear who specifically is being targeted on Facebook and initially there are unconfirmed reports that the target list includes celebrities, members of the media and politicians.

“Facebook Security Team” related messages are sign of attack.

The bogus notices comes with malicious links to harm computers. The fake notice appears to be from the “Facebook Security Team” and may or may not arrive with links to a page called “Copyright Constraints Page 2021” or something similar.

The gist of the fake warning message suggests that you have posted something that breaks a copyright compliance. It then seeks you to verify your account by sending you to a malicious destination in an attempt to sucker you into either malware or giving up your credentials.

This comes the same day that Facebook says it has blocked an attack from Iranian hackers targeting US military to gain entry into their accounts.

Social media is becoming the latest crime scene for hackers globally using sophisticated AI to sound familiar and target victims effectively.

What you need to do to protect yourself if you use Facebook

As a rule, you should never click on an unsolicited link in email, text or social media. The best protection comes from awareness of threats and maintaining good security software on your devices that are proven strong at intercepting an attack.  Here’s the best antivirus security that I have tested and use.

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