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How to find a missing camera by searching for photos

by Kurt Knutsson

I still have a beautiful Sony camera that I love to pull out and take incredible shots pretending as if I’m a pro photographer. It was expensive and the photos look better than the best iPhone or smartphone camera set.

The best photos come from my travel adventures and now I will be less worried about it getting stolen on the future trips with a search tool that can help reunite me with it.

Just navigate to stolencamerafinder.com and upload a photo you’ve previously taken with the missing camera. Inside the image information stored along with the phone called EXIF data also contains your camera’s serial number.

Stolencamerafinder scours the internet for any other photos taken with your same missing camera and could help you do some detective work to recover a camera. Don’t expect this to work with smartphone cameras that don’t always have serial numbers. This map below shows reports of missing, stolen and found cameras.
Stolen Camera Finder website

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