Sony's Secret FES Paper Watch

Fashion is stepping out onto the runway in the future of technology.

Sony is developing a minimalistic digital watch made from e-paper with display technology that reaches beyond the watch face onto the band. At first glance the Sony FES Watch looks like something that Apple’s Johnny Ive Sony-FES-Watchdesign team may have conjured up with its simplistic fashionable appearance.

The one big stand out is the fact that it displays in black and white tapping into Sony’s long running e-ink technology severely limiting what can be shown on the watch.

The BBC is reporting that Sony secretly spun off a group called Fashion Entertainments and listed the e-paper watch concept with no mention of the Sony brand name in order to test traction from online crowd-funding sources.

The now not-so-secret division is rumored to working on e-paper technology shoes, glasses and bow ties. One major advantage of using e-paper similar to the type of screen on a Kindle is that it could see battery life of 60 days versus LCD. And by the way, it appears that there is some interest in the e-paper watch after it raised 3.5 million yen or $30,000.

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