10 Things to Change Right Now on Your Facebook Settings

10 Things to Change Right Now on Your Facebook Settings

by Kurt Knutsson

Facebook is better at giving us easier controls for fine tuning the settings that control our personal privacy. Aside from a giant overreach into our personal lives that seems like regular business for Facebook, Zuckerberg’s team is realizing that our privacy and control of how facebook works is more in focus. Regardless of how much you use Facebook and the last time that you looked, take a moment to review this constantly changing area and give yourself a facebook privacy tune-up.

Step 1

Login into Facebook and select Settings from the down arrow in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Goto to General tab and tweak what everyone can see about your basic personal info.

Step 3

Goto Security tab and select “Login Alerts” to be notified when someone logs into your facebook account.

Step 4

If you turn on Login Approvals, it will make it very hard for a hacker to get access to your account by forcing you to enter a code only displayed on your phone each time you log on.

Step 5

Setup Trusted Contacts to help in case you ever get locked out of your account.

Step 6

Name your Legacy Contact in case something takes you out of this world

Step 7

Goto Privacy tab to make choices about who can see your posts and even put limits on who can see your old posts, and who can reach you directly.

Step 8

Goto Timeline and Tagging limit who can add things to your timeline

Step 9

Goto Blocking tab and list people who may be harmful to your happiness.

Step 10

Goto Apps and see what third party apps are accessing from your Facebook experience. If you select Disable Platform from the edit menu then you will turn off all apps from accessing you.

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