Google in its almighty big tech way of harvested more of your privacy has a hidden feature inside its photos and maps tools that look like a weather map when accessed. Instead the only storms you see is exactly where you’ve been, when you were there and the photos you captured in that spot.

Yes, Google still tracks your every move with location data and more. In exchange, they make some of the most sought after mapping tools and photo storage tools. What’s convenient and novelty is also a very personal history of your life available to anyone who can get access to your phone or google account.

If you don’t want to be tracked and have all of your photos location data mapped on Google, then follow these tips.

How to Check Google Photos Settings

  • Launch Google Photos app
  • In the bottom bar, tap search
  • Under Places section, tap View All
  • That’s where you see the map showing all the photos taken in a specific spot

How to Disable Google Photos Map Feature

  • Open Google Maps on your desktop while signed into your Google account
  • Click “Your Timeline”
  • Tap on “Manage Location History
  • This will open your Google account activity controls page.
  • If the Location History is turned on, the slider will be blue.
  • Turn it off so that it turns gray
  • You can also set an Auto Delete option where the location data will be automatically deleted from your view after a period of time you set.


See What Google Knows About You

More ways to take back your privacy:

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