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App to Pick A President

by Kurt Knutsson

Voter App

An app designed to make it easy to match you with a candidate and political party that shares your interests and values has launched into the 2016 presidential race. Voter app available only on iOS for the iPhone and iPad works just like popular dating functionality. Swipe right for Yes. Swipe left for No. 3 series of questions such as your belief keeping the death penalty add up to finding the perfect political match. My colleague Steve remarks that it feels like something for the lazy who don’t want or care enough to research on their own.

I find it interesting that it matched me to a presidential candidate I had never considered until swiping my own values accordingly like a dating game. Voter app says that it is non-biased and even the inventor would not reveal his own political persuasions when pressed. We asked how he plans to make money with the app since its free. There could be the chance to sell the data on the Voter app to a particular party or candidate down the road. Makes sense. For those Android lovers, you’ll have to wait until at least January when they hope to launch on non-Apple devices as well add straight web functionality.

Bottomline: I find Voter app entertaining and educational. It also made me think about getting decisive with the issues and where I stand with them. It also got me more interested in learning more about each political candidate. Cause Lord knows, I don’t want to be another uninformed voter.

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