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Trade-in vs Selling Your Old Smartphone

by Kurt Knutsson

The buzz of new smartphones like the latest series of the iPhone can get exciting until you realize how the cost can chip away at the thrill of the new and improved smartphone you’ve got your eye on. Smartphones really do make the world go round, it is also said that 1.5 billion smartphones are sold each year to users, 1.5 billion! Clearly, the price does not stop many people as that is a massive intake and it is understandable as time goes on and new improvements are made to smartphones to make them more appealing to those buying them. Despite the fact that smartphones are what most people want, it does not mean that they will always shell out the full cost of a new one as they do not feel like they are able to.

There’s a way to lower the cost of a new phone. When comparing trading-in your phone versus selling it, most people make more money when selling their phones. Trade-in sites like Gazelle or wireless phone carriers are options, but the smartest path is selling your phone on sites like eBay.

I have a renewed love affair with eBay since they’ve made selling your phone easier than ever. They show you how to get it ready for sale.

Check How Much Your Old Smartphones Are Worth

Go to www.ebay.com/sellaphone

You can get your phone listed in about a 60 seconds when you are ready to sell it.

In fact, according to a Wakefield survey, 40% of Americans have two or more old smartphones at home. Maybe it’s time to hunt them down from the back of drawers and wherever else they are collecting dust to see how much cash they would make. And keep in mind there a few ways to get the most money for your older phones.

How to Increase Your Smartphone’s Value

1/ Always keep your original box
2/ Use a case to reduce wear and scratches
3/ Buy your phone ‘Unlocked’ when possible.

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