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Yup, it’s real. The Samsung folding phone is here.

by Kurt Knutsson

Teased at the Oscars, Samsung finally announced a folding flip phone it has been working on for at least two years at its annual Unpacked event in San Francisco.

The world is buzzing about the new Galaxy Z Flip folding phone

There is great hope that this design is a winner and if Samsung can overcome the glitches when the press versions of the Galaxy Fold got out and some ambitious reporters went on a bendable screen destruction mission, we may have a winner.  Samsung made adjustments and in September released what is a very exciting folding phablet called the Galaxy Fold.

With the newer, smaller Galaxy Z Flip, special fibers in the henge design prevent dust from getting into henge solving any thought of previous troubles with the Samsung Fold, the tablet that came out last year with some hiccups.

Yes it’s glass, not plastic

The Galaxy Z Flip represents a return to old but with new functionality thanks fo bendable ultra-thin glass.   Samsung made a bold promise saying you can fold the Z Flip 200,000 times.  A standout feature that helps it stand apart from a unibody phone like the iPhone and previous Galaxy phones, is the way you can stop the henge in any position such as a 90 degree angle for shooting videos without a tripod.  The free stop function Samsung calls Flex mode also lets you create two smaller screens on each side of the seamless display henge.

Big Launch Event Feb 11 San Francisco

Samsung’s Unpacked launch event in San Francisco comes on the heels of Motorola Razr foldable phone going on sale at Verizon stores.  The new Motorola Razr combines a foldable design possible today with bendable display material with the classic flip functionality from its 2004 model that set the flip phone standard.  At a $1499 predicted price tag, it requires some more intense consideration.

By all accounts, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is about to rock the mobile world.

Galaxy Z Flip Specs

Here are highlights of the new Galaxy Z Flip details.

  • 6.7 inch vertically folding dynamic AMOLED display with first of its kind ultra thin bendable glass and super high resolution of 2636×1080 pixels
  • 1.1 inch external rectangular display helps with taking selfies and see who is calling without flipping open
  • Dual 12 megapixel rear facing cameras in Ultra Wide and Wide-angle with 4K video capture and a 10 megapixel front camera
  • Unique Hideaway Henge with dust-resistant design of its dual CAM mechanism
  • 4G, not 5G
  • Wireless charging of its dual batteries
  • Price tag $1380 on sale as of Feb 14


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