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SPECIAL REPORT: Keep Your Eye On These Coronavirus Maps

by Kurt Knutsson

While China has turned to its mega search engine property Baidu to monitor diagnosed Coronavirus patients by putting their exact locations on a live map app, there is nothing like that in the works here in the USA.

World health professionals are urgently responding to treat and contain the deadly Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan area of China.   Extremely helpful information is emerging in the online world.  Be warned though that misleading infection information from unfounded sources is also spreading through social media.

Watch Out for the Fakes

Be very careful where you are getting the latest true data on the COVID-19 Coronavirus so that you can act with intelligence.  There is an abundance of completely untrue news reports and official looking data that are purely bogus.

Avoid Social Media for Coronavirus information

Facebook is efforting to remove the false spread of Coronavirus misinformation.  But they can’t work fast enough to delete all the bullsh-t and false hysteria that you are going to have to go out of your way to avoid.

Do not use social media or what appear to be links to news reports and official information from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and the like.  Instead go directly to the credible sources for the truth.

Trust These Sources for the Coronavirus Infection

What we do have in America is more useful, less intimidating tactics to gain voluntary participation for active Coronavirus infection maps.

Medical information should be offered by health professionals that are trained and certified in their field to share. But the web is full of bogus conjecture and fear-based untruths about the Coronavirus.

How to Detect and Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

The World Health Organization just published one of the best overviews of the Coronavirus in record time.  If you want to learn about the Coronavirus from a reliable source, WHO has published this online Coronavirus learning course sharing methods for detection, prevention, response and control of nCoV.

3 Best Infection Maps to bookmark and share immediately

#1 CDC Coronavirus Map and update page

#2 Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases Dashboard by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

#3 HealthMap app available for iOS and Android shows symptoms near you

Note the sources come from bonafide medical professionals skilled in reporting infectious disease information such as the CDC and World Health Organization.

We will update these links as disease progression advances.  In the meantime, the easiest and best way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is frequent hand washing.   Wash your hands as often as you can in the hottest water your skin can tolerate and avoid touching your eyes, face, nose and mouth.

Masks vs Respirators

Only N95 or better respirators are the devices 95% effective at preventing the spread of respiratory biological organisms and only when fitted tightly to the face with no leaks. Supply for quality made N95 respirators is limited.

Masks and respirators do not exclusively prevent the spread of respiratory infections such as the Coronavirus which can spread from touch of a surface even by those wearing the most protective respirator masks.

Why this is important

I’ve been reporting on technology and life for over 20 years and take this health threat seriously.  Our team of fact checkers collaborated on this important report to ensure the greatest accuracy.

The deadly Coronavirus is a world health crisis and you need to dig deep into the sources I have vetted and provided.  We are in this together and I want nothing more than for you and the ones you love to remain safe and healthy.

If you can, share this post with your friends and family so that we can knock this health threat out as soon as possible.


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