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6 Ways to Score Deals on Cyber Monday

by Kurt Knutsson

Cyber Monday isn’t just Monday anymore as it once was when started in 2005 as a way to inspire online shopping on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Smart holiday shopping tips can help you win the best deals.

Tip #1
Know what you want to buy ahead of Cyber Monday

Know where to go on Cyber Monday. Most popular store have pages dedicated to Cyber Monday and it pays to create bookmarks that let you quickly navigate to the deals.

Here are some examples of great bookmarks:


Tip #3
Follow your favorite brands and stores on Facebook and Twitter. Exclusive deals are frequently leaked out early in social media.

Tip #4
Don’t click “buy” button until you comparison shop. Make sure you’ve got the best deal before you part with your cash. Great comparison shopping apps available on iOS and Android are RetailMeNot app and BuyVia app.

Tip #5
When buying big ticket items like a TV, don’t fall into the trap of paying for high-priced accessories like cables and mounts from the same store. You will often find them substantially lower elsewhere.

Tip #6
Avoid fly-by-night storefronts. Put unfamiliar stores to the test by searching the store name and words like “complaint” and “scam” to see if other people have reported troubles.

Cyber Monday is loaded with new trends to keep your eye on:

  • Deal of the Hour – a new trend shows stores are having brief flash sales that last just an hour. You can see the list of deals at official site cybermonday.com.
  • Abandon Cart Coupons – You act like you are shopping, then walk away. Retailers are likely to give you a better deal in order for you to return and complete the sales. Bizrate Insights reports that 23% online shoppers purposely abandon their cart in order to collect coupons. A key component to this working is making sure that you are a registered customer first so that the merchant knows which email address to chase you down.

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