5 Ways to Get A Better Night Sleep

You give me less than five minutes and I will show you how to get a better night sleep tonight. There were a lot of sleep-hyped products we looked at to narrow it down to a list of helpful tools I believe can indeed make your life better and restore an evening of good rest.


One of the first great accessory companies to be embraced by the Apple retail store with their revolutionary blood pressure measuring system changed the world with health on your vitals. That company, Withings, expanded with several products including one focused on making a better alarm clock and way to measure sleep called Aura.  It’s creation has earned it the best design award for 2015 from Digital Trends. The idea is that the alarm clock has been reinvented from top to bottom.

5 Ways to Get A Better Night Sleep

Withings Aura Alarm Clock with Sleep sensor accessory $300 eases you into the morning with customizable ways to greet the day. It takes it another step further as if its team has been hanging out with Mr. Sandman for months. The Aura Alarm Clock will also offer a plug-in accessory that goes between your mattress and box spring to tell your alarm clock when to wake you up. What a perfect excuse I have to be late to a morning meeting I thought. “Uh, my really smart alarm clock decided not wake me up in time.” I wish it was that easy to use the excuse. The truth is that Aura offers a range of time to wake you up at the perfect moment so you are never late to rise. You’ll want to set it to a time range that has your deadline for waking in mind.

We know that fitness wrist trackers have done a great jump measuring steps and calories burned in a day, but few people tap into the benefits offered for a great nights rest. Both FitBit and Jawbone lead the market. Jawbone recently conducted its own study of 300 million nights sleep and discovered that women get an average of 20 minutes more sleep than men each night. I’m not sure if that means that women require more sleep, or if us guys are just not all that great at sleeping as women are.

5 Ways To Get A Better Night Sleep Drift Light

A recently crowd-funded light bulb mimics the sunset over a 37 minutes duration. Drift Light is getting high marks for easing you into slumber for creating a more natural dimming of light. It’s also winning praise for what it did with blue light. It turns out that a certain blue light can disrupt your body’s natural production of Melatonin more than any other shade of light. So the Drift Light has removed that disruptive shade of blue from its bulb.

5 Ways To Get A Better Night Sleep Domh Sound Machines

Then there are the devices you cannot ignore that have been around for decades and score very high in user results despite only minor design changes since 1962. Dohm Noise machine is the highest rated and sells for under $50.


Now on the app front, there are clearly three winners. I’ll tell you that they are very similar but some may like one over another. But you should have a look at all three and see which one could be most benefit if you want to understand how your body is getting good sleep and when you may stir at night.

CyberGuy Winning Sleep Awards go to….

5 Ways to Get A Better Night Sleep - Sleepbot App

My absolute fave is SleepBot because it simply works well and the interface is intuitive and easy. I learned a lot about what I do in the night.  In fact, I now feel like I’m putting more importance on getting a good night sleep just by tracking my sleep debt within the app.

No matter what technology you embrace for a good night’s rest, sometimes it comes down to being disciplined about removing technology to really fall asleep. We know from the National Sleep Foundation that 95% of people use some sort of technology within an hour of sleep at least a few times per week. And that, says Mr. Sandman, is not gonna’ help with feeling rested when you wake up tomorrow.  Here’s what I think can help wake feeling rested.


1) Powerdown devices 30 minutes before bed

2) Embrace apps to measure and learn how you are sleeping then make needed changes

3) Replace light bulbs in your bedroom with those that filter out blue light

4) Set TV Sleep Timer to shut off after you fall asleep (I recently stayed at a highend minimalist hotel in the desert that had no tv.. it was one of the best nights sleep despite my panic learning there would be no noisy distraction to help me fall into slumber)

5) Affordable white noise makers win out for most effective results according to overwhelming online reviews