New Summer Tech Makes a Splash

New Summer Tech Makes a Splash

by Kurt Knutsson

If you’ve recently gotten California Pools to install a new pool or your friend holds a pool party every year then we’re sure you’re keeping an eye out for the best tech and gadgets you can buy to impress your swimming buddies.

Your mission: Turn up the fun around the pool and on the water. From remote control toys to the ultimate money-saving pool app, we test the latest ways to embrace summer. Setting the tone with a waterproof speaker kicks takes a splash and wins as a favorite pick.

Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Swimming Pool Floating Speaker

Ivation Bluetooth Floating Speaker $80
Your pool will like the sound of this new way to play music directly in the water. This ivation speaker is waterproof, floats in the pool and pairs easily to any smartphone. I was able to jam out for hours between AA battery changes and with an easy range of at least 30 feet. The sound strangely sounds even better when it is set in the water. I now feel all kitted out for my wireless music needs thanks to having various wireless earphone products such as the Enacfire future plus buds already, and now owning this Ivation floating speaker I’m going to be all set for my musical entertainment no matter where I am!


AquaCraft Rescue 17 Fireboat is fast, draws attention and even let’s you aim and spray from its built-in fire pump and hose on the forward deck. Home pools are the training ground for remote control boats. Start in the pool learning how to run a big toy then take it to a nearby lake or pond. What I love is that I have little patience for model building which makes these perfect since they come ready to run. All you’ll need is the included remote control, a calm body of water, battery and charger. $449 from AquaCraftModels.


AquaCraft’s Atlantic II Harbor Tugboat brings a nostalgic moment to anyone who sees it. I took it for a test run in New York’s Central Park conservation pond where it must have starred in 200-300 photos in a matter of an hour. The led lights make it look true to scale at 31 inches in length. It was the best conversation starter I’ve encountered in years. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to operate and invite so many smiles. $330 from AquaCraftModels.

Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy S7 Dunk Test Success!
Samsung’s newest smartphone the Galaxy S7 is not just getting high marks for functionality and design. Being that Samsung is running a tv commercial showing their latest handset taking a dunk in a fish tank, I thought it deserved a tougher dunk in our summertime above ground test pool. After several minutes of dunking it in about 12 inch depth and shaking it around in the water, it still operates perfectly. Our friends at Sprint had no trouble with our taking their phone to any depth and I can see why. It is going to be your pool’s favorite call to take.

IAqualink Tri 01

iAqualink app lets you manage your pool and spa from anywhere. Professional installation is needed and will likely cost upwards of $500+ for existing pool systems to be integrated into your smartphone. And for those who have pool and spa heaters, the ability to turn off and manage heating could change the wildly expensive heating and electric bills that can sneak up on you. Regularly comparing low rate energy companies will help you keep up to date with how much you are spending on bills. A swimming pool could easily cost you a small fortune by virtue of overpriced energy plans. That is why it is so important to research the best plan for your needs. iAqualink is compatible with a majority of all residential pool systems and wifi.




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