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The 4 Most Popular Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight Theories

by Kurt Knutsson

One year ago Malaysian Airlines vanished without a trace. Today authorities have searched nearly 2 million square miles of the Indian ocean, but a lack of any physical evidence has been fueling many online conspiracy theories.

Below we take a look at the most popular theories on what happened:


1) Loss of Cabin Pressure Due to Mechanical Failure or a Cabin Fire

2) US Military Shot It Down
the atoll of Diego Garcia, complete with us military base, is located in the middle of the indian ocean. One theory suggests that the plane was headed there on some sort of kamikaze mission and it was secretly shot down by the us military before it could reach its target.

3) Russian Special Ops Took the Plane
An article in New York Magazine hypothesizes that Russians could have broken into the electronics-and-equipment bay on the 777, accessed through the first-class cabin. A well-trained hijacker could theoretically have started pulling the plane’s electronics apart and faked some of the satellite data that researchers have used to try to pinpoint the path of the flight.

4) Supernatural Forces (Aliens)
Thanks to reddit for theories that the plane could have been snatched out of the sky by aliens, or a wormhole that sent it back in time like once occurred in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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