Smartphone Flaws Could Leave Your Data Vulnerable

Smartphone Flaws Could Leave Your Data Vulnerable

by Kurt Knutsson

Two simultaneous  yet unrelated Smartphone flaws can leave you personal information vulnerable to hackers in the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5.  Here’s what you should know:

iPhone, iPad flaw
As many as 1,500 apps could allow hackers to steal passwords and credit card information according to research from SourceDNA. Even though Apple has patched their software, vulnerabilities still exist in hundreds of apps which have yet to correct the flaw leaving iPhones and iPads running those apps exposed to outside threats.

There is little that someone can do to reduce their exposure to such risks except to demand that app makers update rapidly when security flaws are identified and a patch is available.  Apple is generally very quick to shore up glitches and oversights when exposure is found, but app developers are not always as swift. This is a reminder to keep a constant watchful eye on your credit card statements looking for any unauthorized charges. Apple needs to put pressure on App developers to be more disciplined in protecting people when dangerous flaws are found.

Smartphone Flaws Could Leave Your Data Vulnerable

Samsung S5 fingerprint flaw
Hackers can make copies of fingerprints to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. The flaw is within the Android software that makes it possible to steal personal information and gain access by unlocking your phone. A special warning to those who use PayPal and other apps within this phone where payments are authorized by fingerprint only. FireEye researchers say this flaw could exist in other Android phones. This is especially concerning since passwords can easily be changed but fingerprints are forever.  Once someone can fake a fingerprint, then they theoretically always have access under today’s software.

How they fake your fingerprint

  • Attackers can spoof your fingerprints using electrically conductive material
  • Your fingerprint can be lifted from your touching any object with a polished surface like a glass or screen
  • Fingerprints can even be stolen from photos showing you waving your hand!

What you can do to protect your Android phone:

  • Keep Android operating software updated
  • Only download apps from the Google Play app store if you have an Android device

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