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TikTok imposter threat scams $1,000s with this new scheme

How to spot a TikTok impersonation scam and bust it wide open

by Kurt Knutsson

There’s a new scam going around on TikTok.

The financial hit is upwards of $5,000 tricked out of victims who are falling for this latest impersonator scam to hit social platform TikTok.  In our own research investigating this new TikTok threat, it is pervasive.   Most of all, people who thought they’d never fall for a scam like this are getting hoodwinked before they knew what happened.   If you’ve got loved ones on TikTok, believe me, they need to know about this new threat.


How the TikTok impersonation scam works

  • The scam first shows up in the comment section on the right side panel.
  • The impersonator acts like the original creator using the same profile photo and using a similar name that may just be slightly changed with a single character or dash.
  • The goal next is to get you to text a whatsapp number then pretending they are a trusted source, the ask you to pay close $5K for an investment service that does not exist.
  • Once the impersonator has your money, they are gone.


How to spot a real TikTok creator versus an imposter

Tip 1  Double, triple check the spelling of the name. Many impersonation scammers add an unnoticeable extra letter, a dash or numbers to make it seem authentic.

Tip 2  If the original creator is unverified and leaves a comment on their own comment section, their comment will show a “CREATOR” label next to it.

Tip 3  Click on the profile page of the suspected impersonator. Often there’s nothing there which is another immediate tip off that you’ve spotted an imposter.



Report the impersonator before they swindle others

If you spot a TikTok scammer, help out others by reporting the criminal activity.

  1. From inside the TikTok app
  2. Tap the three dot menu near the bottom right
  3. Tap Report
  4. Follow onscreen instructions


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