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Secret admirers can send you a gift on Amazon without your address

by Kurt Knutsson

Amazon’s new mobile shopping feature is making it super easy to send a gift to someone you barely know.

You will only need your special someone’s phone number or email address in order to send a gift.

I can see how helpful this new feature will be for holidays and birthdays for colleagues I adore but don’t know all of their home addresses.

Which is is a good thing since you won’t even need their address if you are a Prime member with an eye on generosity toward anyone with this new mobile shopping feature.


How to Send a Gift on Amazon to anyone with only their email or number

  1. When shopping on Amazon, add the gift to your cart
  2. Mark the item as a gift
  3. Proceed to checkout and select “Let the recipient provide their address”
  4. Add the lucky recipient’s email or phone number (no delivery address needed)
  5. They get an email with your gift and person message
  6. Next they can accept, reject, or exchange for an Amazon Gift Card then add their own delivery address


No matter whether you decide to keep it or exchange it for something else, Amazon won’t tell the person who sent you the gift.  You can learn more about sending gifts to someone with only their email or phone number here.

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Amazon says for now this will only be available for Prime customers on a mobile device for gifts going to the mainland USA. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, you didn’t make the cut.

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