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How Amazon just gave me $25 to get rid of Alexa

by Kurt Knutsson

Amazon has launched a trade-in program hoping to get newer Echo devices in your hands by swapping your old technology for Amazon credit. The incentive seems to accidentally incentivize you into dumping Alexa altogether too. Go to this link at Amazon and see what your older Amazon Echo device is worth. If you agree to sell it back to Amazon, you get 25% credit toward a new Echo device and an Amazon Gift Card equal to the appraised value.

I looked up my original super old Echo and see that its worth $25 bucks. The fact that Amazon pays for the shipping makes it more attractive. I dusted off the old Echo and am about to ship it back. That means I will get a $25 Amazon gift card plus a bonus of 25% off a new qualifying Echo.

It doesn’t stop there. Amazon is also offering to buy older competitive speakers and bluetooth headphones from other brands including Sony, Bose, Beats, Apple, Sonos, Bang & Olufsen. Answer simple questions about its condition to get a free quote, even if it’s broken.

I need not write more since I’m now itching to go on a scavenger hunt around the house and in the garage to see how much hidden trade-in treasure money is awaiting. Amazon says at the time of publishing that this is a limited time promotion. See how it works here.

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