CES goes virtual with real life innovations shaped by a pandemic

CES goes virtual with real life innovations shaped by a pandemic

by Kurt Knutsson

The first virtual Consumer Electronics Show along with its 1,800 exhibitors is using a digital platform to replace the in person show floors. 170,000 attendees can look but not touch the future of gadgets gizmos and all things consumer electronics that otherwise will be on display virtually throughout this CES.

The start of CES decades ago centered around televisions and again they take centerstage. With consumers watching more content than ever, TV makers are targeting the 57% who are streaming more TV shows and film with upgrades to the viewing experience. We’re learning how your next state of the art TV purchase should include technology that makes everything look 8K even if it is lower resolution.

Look for these two new features in buying your next TV

1) Smaller LEDs  or MicroLED technology and

2) 8K resolution that up converts lower resolutions

Samsung NeoQLED

Neo QLED TVs take the viewing experience to new heights, with new technology. Significantly smaller lights provide stunning contrast, a new quantum processor delivers optimized video quality and immersive audio, and slim, sleek displays ensure your TV will blend seamlessly into your home. With industry-first Multi-Intelligence AI Upscaling that delivers optimized 8K content regardless of the original source. This makes me think it’s time to upgrade to 8K at home this year.


Bot Handy Home Robot

Samsung also showed off its Bot Handy home robot that can do your laundry, the dishes and even pour you a glass of wine.


HP Elite Dragonfly Max laptop

Laptops are seeing a rebound driven by the pandemic.
The HP Elite Dragonfly Max laptop launched Jan 10,2021 and will be coming soon to retail. What makes this impressive laptop stand out is the thoughtful way it’s designed to provide a stunning collaboration experience. The HP Elite Dragonfly Max features AI-driven crystal-clear audio, a brilliant Eyesafe display, optional 5G connectivity, and strong security in a highly portable and versatile x360 design.



4TB Portable SSD storage

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD whopping 4TB storage in tiny durable disk on the go coming later in first quarter of 2021 in this highly portable powerhouse of solid state performance in a rugged, dependable storage solution. Nearly 2x as the previous generation – it’s a great reliable, portable SSD that offers speed and performance.  The 4TB SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD is expected to be available this calendar quarter.  Estimated around $749.99



My poop said what??@!!

Not only are touchless bathroom fixtures big at CES, so is a future toilet that analyzes your poop called the Wellness Toilet. Toto announced the concept toilet ‘coming in years’ that senses and analyzes your body and key outputs.. meaning poop.. to provide recommendations via a connect app. For example, “Your diet seems unbalanced. The recommended recipe is Salmon/Chicken Avocado Salad”
I’m not sure I want my toilet talking to my smartphone anytime soon much less telling me about my poop.

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