This is how ransomware can get you..or not. A hacker made $1M in a single day swindling people like you and me with ransomware. The basics of ransomware are fitting to its name. A hidden software application made to allow a hacker to overtake your digital device putting them in control. Once, you accidentally download it from email usually attached as a document, it lets them lock you out of your own digital existence until you pay ransom for it to be unlocked. Cyber extortionists just took $17K from a L.A. hospital after freezing out workers from hospital computers.. and we could be the next target.

How Ransomware Gets You

How Ransomware gets to you:

  • usually spread via email doc attachment that convinces you to open saying something like “final notice – late invoice” for example
  • avg ransom paid $300
  • contaminated apps

How to make it harder for ransomware to get you:

  • don’t click links in email
  • don’t take documents from strangers
  • don’t say yes to enabling macros when asked
  • backup regularly on your own drive (popular external drives like these are inexpensive and sure bets
  • keep current with software updates

Momma always said don’t take candy from strangers. The same holds true with this growing ransomware threat.

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