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Why Travelers Are Ditching Tech On Luxury Vacations

by Kurt Knutsson

Unplugging from technology is the new luxury for vacation travel. I’m not sure how it happened really, but there is no doubt that truly putting away distracting smartphones offers a better escape. I want to believe we are evolving to a better understanding of how much we are all leashed to the things invented to make life better and connect us. We are also starting to learn the incredible power of connecting with a vacation experience uninterrupted by technology. Less is more.

Lodge at Kukui’ula

Lodge at Kukui'ula

Luxury resorts like the newest Hawaiian destination Kukui’ula on the island of Kauai offer upscale accommodations in a club environment. It’s more intimate and allows for a connection back to self with cleverly imposed balance. At Kukui’ula, they not only built paradise within paradise, but also help guests connect with it by asking for ringers to be silenced and to restrict the use of cell phones to areas free of cover — meaning outside. When I visited Kukui’ula, we never heard a digital distraction and instead were invited to fun activities thoughtfully programmed by the club staff to bring people together.  This offers such a nice collective experience where people look into each other’s eyes and at the beautiful surroundings rather than into a screen.

Kukui’ula has a 10 acre working farm where you are welcome to pick anything and they will either cook it for you or you can enjoy it in the kitchen of your bungalow. Experiences like the farm allow more family connect time and a connection to nature like nothing available on an electronic device.


Summit Prairie vacation house

Get in line for a stay at the Summit Prairie vacation house in Oregon and join the waitlist 300 people long. It’s an hour away from any gas and groceries. You are away from everything here staying in a home built on 40 foot stilts. Sitting atop the tower, you are at tree level with views that inspire the soul without the distraction of the internet, television or phones.


Glamping at Ventana Big Sur

Big Sur, California takes you into the amped up nature of giant Redwood trees and rugged coastline that feels far from civilization. It’s here that the latest form of luxury accommodation is glamping. Ventana Big Sur has built a luxury campsite under the towering redwood trees with safari-style tents complete with king size beds and an electric blanket to keep you warm at night. There are no TVs, but you will find a s’more fire pit and some of giant redwoods inviting you to share the magical location together.

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