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RoboVac vs. Upright. The Verdict on Vacuums.

by Kurt Knutsson

Game on RoboVac. Here’s my review of the Eufy Robot Vacuum 11S (Slim) Version review.

Challenge: Will the leading robot vacuum replace my upright.

I spent a month with this robot vacuum and got sucked right in. Putting the Eufy RoboVac 11S (Slim) to the test in all sorts of ways made me want one of these for the first time.

Here’s what it does well.

Being the slimmest robovac with a height of just 2.85″ the Eufy can go under almost all of our furniture in places no other vacuum can touch without hefting the heavy pieces. I am surprised how much dirt and dust it picks up even after a cleaning and mopping of the floors.

When you watch my video review you will see how easy it is to open the chamber to see the evidence that our two dogs carry all sorts of soil and junk into the house from the backyard. I’m amazed how the Eufy RoboVac climbs over thick rug pile that might seem like obstacles. Rugs are always hard to hoover because they keep bacteria inside them that doesn’t come out easily with suction. That’s why it’s lucky we can get rug cleaning services, we can’t not have them in our homes! Especially the hall runner if you have one, this is the prime place for muddy shoes and paws as well as outdoor bacteria coming in!

While this version does not have all the bells and whistles, what it does have is solid quiet performance. It knows better than to go down a flight of stairs. Various modes let you instruct it to do the edges of rooms, circles and my favorite, random where it attacks the entire floor. The Eufy RoboVac returns to its base to recharge which I decided to mount out of sight.

I’m a self-confessed clean freak. Don’t be fooled by my messy genius desk, under all that clutter is a spotless desk. There is a big difference between being messing (sign of a genius) and dirty (sign of a pig).

Robot vacuums come with a special thrill. That moment of “Ewwwww” when you open the chamber to empty out the dust and dirt it gathered without you paying attention.

What it doesn’t do well.

While the Eufy is incredibly effective at cleaning, there are some limitations to this model. Because the price point of this vacuum is lower than its competitors, this Eufy model can not be controlled via an app and does not map the floor. Otherwise, with those added features it would be smarter about navigating to do a good cleanup. Not a big deal for the price point. I have an antique area rug that could use some love on frayed edges. The Eufy got caught up in the rug and various nest of cables and wires at times, but not a deal breaker. The default is for the Eufy to shut itself down when obstacles turn into problems which is a smart way of operating.

Vacuum Verdict

I fell in love with the Eufy RoboVac and that love affair continues. I wouldn’t replace the Oreck XL upright and handheld vac, but the Eufy does an amazing job between thorough cleanings and when you might instead use a broom to sweep up.

Get the Eufy RoboVac 11s (Slim) here

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