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7 Best Road Trip Gear Essentials

by Kurt Knutsson

Life on the go just got better. Fellow college kids called me crazy when we’d go camping. I was always trying to up the game and create a unique experience. One time, I lugged along a generator, tv and a video player in order to watch Freddy Krueger around a campfire on Friday the 13th. Maybe they were right about me. Although, the generator wasn’t a bad idea. Nowadays you can actually get really good-sized portable solar generators (such as the EcoFlow Delta) that are very handy when camping out. Who wouldn’t want a power supply in the case of an emergency in the middle of nowhere? Here are the newest items making it to the top of my list for going mobile with your fun, especially on a day trip.

Dual Hammaka Hammock Air Chairs

Dual Hammaka Hammock Air Chairs

When I saw these Dual Hammaka Hammock Air Chairs hanging from a universal trailer hitch, I knew I had to figure two things out. Where to park with an incredible view and if lounging in these creatively designed floating chairs are as comfortable as they look. I’ll need to make sure that I have a spare alko tow hitch just in case my other one wears out! While these come in five different colors,I can report that they are super comfy, well made and addictive. You won’t want to get out of them. These are not meant to be used with a moving vehicle. Dual Hammaka Hammock Air Chairs with trailer hitch stand $220.

URB-E Foldable Electric Vehicle

URB E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter Red

For times when I don’t need to take make 4 wheels for a ride, this new URB-E Foldable Electric Vehicle is my new two wheel mode to get around. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber its light at 30lbs and easy to take anywhere. In terms of performance, speed is around 18mph, but I can get it up to 20mph with a range of 20 miles. Load it up with accessories like a cup holder, boombot speaker, cargo basket and my favorite the foldable trailer to bring fun along with you.URB-E Foldable Electric Vehicle $899-$1899

Polar Bear Coolers

Polar Bear Coolers

Keeping it cool for the day (and now up to 3 days with ice) Polar Bear Coolers have new innovative line called Eclipse that repels solar heat and keeps ice for 3 days — longer than any other cooler. Polar Bear Coolers come in smart 12, 24 and 48 pack sizes along with backpack styles. I took a Polar Bear Cooler on vacation packing it full of fresh items, checked it as baggage and saved a bundle on food while traveling. They won’t sweat or leak on car upholstery. Polar Bear Coolers start around $74.99

Polar Bear Coolers

Corkcicle Arctican

Corkcicle Arctican

I’m throwing out all my old koozies and replacing them with the Corkcicle Arctican improved ones that keep a 12oz can or bottle cold for up to 3 hours. The difference comes with freezing the cooling core and twisting it on when your a ready for chilled beverage. Corkcicle Arctican $19.95

Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner

Evapolar Personal Air Cooler Plus Humidifier

Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner creates a personal microclimate near you lowering temps by 10-15 degrees. It regulates humidity and uses water to cool for up to 6 hours at a time. USB powered and only uses 10 watts of electricity. Don’t expect to freeze a room with this, but the cooling effect is definitely noticeable. Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner $179.99

WonderBag Portable Slow Cooker

Wonderbag Non Electric Portable Slow Cooker2

Boil water in a pot, add ingredients, put on the lid and put it sealed into the WonderBag Portable Slow Cooker. Award-winning eco-friendly portable slow cooker that slowly cooks and keeps food hot for up to 12 hours. without any electricity or fuel! No battery. No electricity. No fuel needed. For every WionderBag bought, another WonderBag is donated to families in Africa in need. WonderBag Portable Slow Cooker $69.99

Wonderbag Non Electric Portable Slow Cooker3

Good To Go Meals

Good To Go Dehydrated Meals

Good To Go Dehydrated Gourmet Meals from award-winning Iron Chef Jennifer Scism who wanted to come up with a healthier, natural food for adventures that tastes good. She nailed it with these single and double serving sizes that include Pad Thai noodles to Mexican Quinoa Dish and Three Bean Chili. Good To Go Dehydrated Gourmet Meals $7-$15

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