5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Easter Online Safely

5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Easter Online Safely

by Kurt Knutsson

It all starts with getting into the Easter spirit, tapping into a safe group video call and connecting online with congregation at a safe distance.

#1 Get Everybody on the same Video app that’s safe and easy to use

Download the new Messenger desktop app for both Windows and Mac

We’ve all been trying a lot of video conferencing options. I just started using the brand new Facebook Messenger desktop app that has launched in time for Easter.

Messenger has come a long way and now the new desktop version lets you video chat on a larger screen with friends and family from your computer. You can start a video call now on the desktop just like the popular mobile Messenger app on your phone.

Messenger allows unlimited and free group video calls in a safe, private and secure place. As of this week, you can download free Messenger from Microsoft Store, Apple App Store and linked at Messenger.com/Desktop.


#2 Host an Easter Brunch by Video Call

Invite family and friends to celebrate Easter Brunch by video conference together. In my family, we start off with a mimosa toast and share what we are grateful for while brunching together. Tip: Dress up your video with Easter-themed background.


#3 Webcam Easter Egg Hunt Game

Hide Easter Eggs in the background of the camera framed space of each webcam. Each player gets three chances to guess where the egg might be. You can also disguise eggs in the background of a photo and post for people to find it.

#4 Front Steps Family pic in Your Sunday Best

My grandma had two firm family rules that are burned into my memory. You don’t sit on the ground unless you are at a picnic and You always get dressed for Easter to attend church. This year, there’s a trend to take your own Front Steps Easter picture.

Reason to get out of your PJs and into your Sunday best to share the Easter spirit online. A trend in families taking photos on their front steps inspired by the Front Steps Project. You replace the photographer for proper social distancing and grab a ladder instead for a proper family selfie.

Tip: No tripod? Just prop your phone with stack of books on a ladder to frame the perfect front steps Easter photo

No tripod? Just prop your phone with stack of books on ladder to frame the perfect front steps Easter photo. Use shutter timer to get take pics of whole family. If you’ve got an Apple Watch you can control the shutter of your phone camera making it easier.


#5 Easter Church Service Online

Attend Megachurch where Kayne West sings with choir, Maria Carey performs “Hero” and Tyler Perry joining with remote performances at Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen’s Houston-based mega church Sat 8pm and Sunday 930am & Noon ET

Find a Local Church with Faith on Facebook Resource Hub

Easter Mass with the Pope.  Pope Francis to stream live service from the Vatican Sunday morning 5AM ET https://www.facebook.com/vaticannews/videos/ and Vatican News channel on youtube.com You can watch a replay if not up quite that early.

In the meantime, Happy Easter.  It’s a time to look forward to the possibilities of the future.  And in this year, we are more focused together more than ever to rise.


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