Hackers Target Home Workers. What to do.

Hackers Target Home Workers. What to do.

by Kurt Knutsson

Hackers go where people are. With millions of people who’ve moved out of their offices to work from home, more intrusive cyber scams are feeding on fear to launch malicious attacks on connected home devices and phishing scams using the Coronavirus to trick people. Luckily, people are taking more action to fight back against online scammers and hackers. From looking at the AlwaysVPN best vpns reviews so they can hide their IP address to reporting scam emails to simply covering up their webcams, there are lots of ways workers can protect themselves.

Fake Coronavirus Map Email Scam

Using a copy of the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Interactive Map, watch out for an email asking you to click or download to get to the interactive map. No credible map requires you to click a link in an email. The way to outsmart the hackers is to never click any links in an email and instead search the web yourself and confirm that accuracy of the web address in your browser’s bar.

Covid-19 Tracker Ransomware Attack

You won’t find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play store, this serious ransomware attack is tricking people into clicking to a private webpage to download a bogus Covid-19 tracker app. Victims taking the bait end up unknowingly handing over control to their Android phone to a ransomware criminal. It locks their phone and threatens to erase everything and make your credentials public to social media sites unless you pay up within 48 hours. Outsmart them by never downloading an app outside of the App Store and Google Play.

Connected Home Devices Targeted More

What they want is a way in to get access to your home devices such as cameras, video doorbell, smart speakers, thermostat and then get credentials to steal money or swindle you in order to get control returned to you. It’s time to protect yourself at home.

HakTrap from Axiom Cyber Solutions protects all of your connected home devices

I just started using an amazing technology called HakTrap. Once you plug HakTrap into your inbound Internet connection, it automatically guards all internet traffic coming into your home.

All you have to do is plug it in with the provided accessories and in a few minutes it’s up and protecting. HakTrap is like surrounding your home with an intelligent cyber army that intercepts and shuts down intrusions to any of your home devices. Axiom Cyber Solutions makes HakTrap for $11.99 monthly fee or $119.88 annually discounted rate and only $49.99 to get started. It does what no anti-virus software can do. I wish I would have thought of this! Leave it up to the intelligence professionals behind this genius must-have home security technology. Find out more at the HakTrap website.

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Michael Stollery March 28, 2020 - 4:45 am

Hi Kurt! You are THE cyber guy, but I am a cyber guy myself and wanted to know if you had a coupon code for HakTrap, which I love to death!

Brenda Shreve April 17, 2020 - 4:20 am

I’m having trouble finding the info to block these annoying texts Please help I get hundreds of these horrid things

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